LFK65 PCB - Hotswap

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The 65% hotswap.

LFK65 Hotswap

The 65% PCB with Kailh hot swap sockets and USB Type-C connector. Unlike the standard LFK PCBs this hotswap board only supports a single layout, and has no lighting options. The PCB is compatible with most 65% cases, including the TADA68 and RS68. Not compatible with Alps switches.

Switch Orientation

The PCB is designed with 'south facing' LEDs for maximum compatibilty with all keycap profiles. Unfortunately some sockets confilct with mounting requirements for a 65%, those locations have the socket rotated 180°. Switches can also be soldered south facing in those locations if desired.

Caps Lock

The Caps Lock socket can be installed in either the centered or stepped position. It is possible to move the socket later by desoldering it.


Assembled PCBs are built to order. Expect at least 2-3 weeks before PCB is shipped. The LFK65-Hotswap RevA PCB is blue.
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