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TKL PCB, fits many after market cases and plates.


Tenkeyless PCB that supports both MX and Alps. Same layout as a Filco, this PCB works well with most after market TKL cases, such as the TEX or 'Ali Express Case' A variety of universal plates can be found at Note that neither the TEX or Ali case will hold after market plates as well as geniune Filco. There are a variety of work arounds, please contact support if you have questions.

PCB is assembled, tested, and ready for switches.

USB Connector:

The PCB has a JST-PH connector which is comptable with most cases. If you would like an additional USB board, select a daugter card. Please contact support if you have any questions.

An optional onboard USB mini connector is availabe, but not recommended unless you have a custom case. Please contact support after ordering.

Additional Assembly:

Backlight Support

Controller for single color switch LEDs. LEDs can be individually controlled, but the firmware currently does not take advantage of that feature. Backlighting is not compatible with Alps or Matias switches.

RGB Underglow

28 RGB LED installed on underside of PCB. This will provide an underglow effect through the bottom or sides of case. This effect is not visible when used with most cases.

Piezo Speaker

A small piezo element is installed allowing simple 8-bit sounds. Full use requires customization via QMK.


Assembled PCBs are built to order. Expect 2-3 weeks before PCB is shipped.
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