LFK78 PCB - Hotswap 68Key

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The 68 key 'compact' LFK78 PCB, F-keys have been removed from the left side. Compatible with the VA68M case. Feature list.

LFK68 Hotswap

The 68 key 'compact' LFK78 PCB with Kailh hot swap sockets. Unlike the standard LFK PCBs this hotswap board only supports a single layout, and has no lighting options. Not compatible with Alps switches.

Bare PCB:

You solder the 70+ SMD components. The MCU and LED controllers are now QFN packages with 0.5mm pitch. Reliable assembly requires a reflow oven, hand soldering would very difficult. Loose components are availble for purchase.

Assembled (MCU/Diodes):

Board is tested and ready for sockets. Sockets can be purchased from NovelKeys to solder yourself, or can be purchased already installed for an additional fee.

Additional Assembly:

Hot swap sockets

Kailh hot swap sockets soldered in place. Switches can be added directly for immediate use.

Piezo Speaker

A small piezo element is installed allowing simple 8-bit sounds. Full use requires customization via QMK.


Assembled PCBs are built to order. Expect 1-2 weeks before PCB is shipped. The Hotswap RevA PCB is white.
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